American IronHorse unveils lower price-point models

CINCINNATI — American IronHorse turned part of its 2008 model lineup in a new direction at the recently held V-Twin Expo.

IronHorse officials said the company will unveil two lower-priced models — a chopper and a cruiser — that will be priced under $26,000. Production on the two models is expected to begin this spring.

The two new V-twin motorcycles will have many of the same features of the existing IronHorse models, but won’t have some of the finishing details, like a polished engine.

“If you look at (the new models) and set our higher-priced bikes beside them, you really have to know what you’re not seeing to know that they are different,” American IronHorse President R.B. “Buck” Hendrickson said in an interview with Powersports Business. “We just kind of unblinged them a bit.”

The announcement at the Cincinnati show represents a change of course for the Texas-based manufacturer. At its dealer show in July, American IronHorse unveiled a new Slammer that featured a base price of $37,900.

Read more about American IronHorse in the upcoming March 12 edition of Powersports Business.

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