MN Biker Battles Speeding Ticket

A Minnesota man has pleaded not guilty to charges he drove his motorcycle 205 mph without a license last month. Sam Tilley, 20, is charged with three misdemeanors: speeding, reckless driving and driving without a motorcycle license. He is scheduled to go to court again Dec. 22. If no settlement is reached, he could face a jury trial Jan. 11.
When Tilley was ticketed Sept. 18, he was riding in a 65-mph zone, court officials said. A State Patrol pilot flying overhead used a stopwatch to clock the biker between quarter-mile road markings and then figured out the speed in miles per hour. Since Tilley was ticketed, motorcyclists have been debating whether Tilley’s Honda RC51 — a 999 cc, 126 hp machine — could have gone that fast. One mechanic has said he tested Tilley’s bike recently and couldn’t get it to go above 159 mph.

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