June 7, 2004 – Global sponsors build-off; shows at Rockefeller

Officals at Custom Chrome said the company will sponsor a 60-day biker build-off to help support the Hollister Independence Rally and its benefiting charities.
Two Custom Chrome dealers have been selected to receive identical HR3 Hardcore II kit bikes. These bikes will be built over sixty days and raffled off at the Hollister Independence Rally July 2-4 in Hollister, Calif. The rules for the builders are simple, the builders can only use components supplied with-in the HR3 kits, but do not have to use all of the parts. Modifications to any of the parts can be made at the builder’s discretion.
Stinger Custom Cycles (www.stingercustomcycles.com) Cedar City, Utah will be competing against Custom Design Studios (www.customdesignstudios.com) of Novato, Calif.
“We feel that this is not only a great opportunity to feature two of our dealers and our products but also to help support a great rally that takes place in our own community,” said Dave Scott, director of communications for Global Motorsport Group, Inc., parent company of Custom Chrome.
In other news from Global, which is based in Morgan Hill, Calif., its Custom Chrome and Motorcycle Stuff units are participating in the Motorcycle Industry Council’s Motorcycle Show at Rockefeller Center, open until June 6.
The show features a collection of milestone motorcycles from the last 40 years, focusing on the Japanese motorcycle industry and the American/European responses to their success. Custom Chrome and Motorcycle Stuff are building a Hardcore II bike kit in Rockefeller Center as part of the tribute, assembling and disassembling the bike kit three times throughout the duration of the show.
“One hundred thousand people pass by Rockefeller Center daily, and what better way to continue to bring motorcycling into the mainstream than to show consumers the empowerment of building one themselves,” said Frank Esposito, president of Global. psb

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