May 10, 2004 – Hot Products


Yaffe Wild Front Fender
Specifications — The new “Wild” fender is precision cut, spun from 12 gauge steel and available in wide-glide or Deuce mounting styles. Measures 4.75″ wide. PYO Deuce or wide-glide spacing kits recommended for install.
Benefits — Intended for use on 21″ wheels and shipped raw, ready for drilling, body and paint.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Paul Yaffe Originals, 602/840-4205

Motorex Helmet Care
Specifications — Motorex Helmet Care 200ml aerosol spray contains an enzyme formula that eats odor-causing bacteria. Helmet Care also cleans & deodorizes knees guards or anything with fabric that absorbs sweat.
Benefits — Brightens up colors, cleans, deodorizes and protects while effectively removing dirt, leaving a pleasant, fresh aroma. Also protects the helmet surfaces and can be used on removable inner padding.
Suggested Retail Price — $5.95.
Contact — Motorex USA: 1932 Eastman Ave., Suite 107, Ventura, CA 93003; 805/ 658-0900; www. m o t o r e x u s a . c o m.

Yuasa Battery 2004 Catalog
Specifications — Yuasa Battery Inc. has introduced both published and on-line versions of its new 33-page applications catalog for 2004.
Benefits — This year’s catalog features significant enhancements that make it easier than ever for Yuasa distributors and dealers to sell Yuasa-brand batteries and accessories.
Price — Free.
Contact — Yuasa Battery Inc., PO Box 14715, Reading, PA 19612; 610/ 929-5781, ext. 118; www.yuasabatteries.com.

Race Tech Gold Valve Kit
For Yamaha FZ1
Specifications — Suspension upgrade kit converts FZ1 fork to emulate cartridge fork.
Benefits — Greatly improves fork’s ride and handling qualities.
Suggested Retail Price — $189.99.
Contact — Race Tech, 1501 Pomona Rd., Corona, CA 92880; 909/ 279-7171; www.racetech.com.

New Cobra Fi2000
Digital Fuel Processor
Specifications — Cobra Engineering took its successful electronic fuel management system and improved it for 2004 three adjustment screws called pots (last year’s model had just two). Available for all fuel-injected Harley-Davidson motorcycles as well as most fuel-injected metric cruisers.
Benefits — Comes with baseline settings preset for the specific makes and models. It has low speed, acceleration, and now a high range adjustments that functions much like a main jet on a carburetor. Installs in under 30 minutes, and comes with detailed tuning instructions.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Cobra USA, 714/692-8180

Specifications — Rider Equipment, a registered brand name of Norco Industries, Inc., Compton, Calif., has introduced a new patent-pending motorcycle lift called the RiderLift model 777.
Benefits — Rated to a 1000 lb. capacity, the Rider Lift raises and cruiser or chopper with an exposed frame undercarriage up to 30 inches off the ground.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Rider Equipment, 800/347-2232


Acerbis Impact Roost Deflector
Specifications — Made with transparent polycarbonate front and back panels, with shoulder and arm guards made of chrome poliammide 6. Available in Chromy Blue, Chromy Orange, Chromy Red, Chromy Green, Chromy Yellow, Chromy Clear and Patriot (Silver, Red, Blue and Clear).
Benefits — Features a pull/turn knob on the front panel, which allows the wearer to adjust the front panel to a specific comfort zone.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Acerbis USA , 800/659-1440

Mattracks 6×6 Conversion
Specifications — A package for owners of the Polaris Sportsman 6X6. Comes as a kit, installation of the 6 LiteFoot track system requires about 4 hours. The transformation back to tires can be done in about the same amount of time.
Benefits — Outfitted with six LiteFoot ATV tracks , offering six times more surface contact than typical ATV tires, the LiteFoot equipped ATV is designed to cruise on top of soft terrain with ease.
Suggested Retail Price — Call for price.
Contact — Mattracks, Inc., 218/436-6000

Clear Guard ATV
Headlight Protection Kit
Specifications — Each headlight kit is specifically die-cut for the ATV and are available in clear, blue, red, smoke and yellow. Each kit contains vinyl headlight stickers, 303 aerospace protectant (to keep the color from yellowing), a smoothing wedge for application of the stickers and two Clear Guard stickers. .
Benefits — This kit offers a custom look while protecting ATV headlight lenses from scratches or breakage cause by rocks, sand and trail debris.
Price — $16 to $30
Contact — Clear Guard, Route 19 and Peters Road, Saegertown, PA 16433; (814) 763-1550; www.clear-guard.com

LCI Outdoor products buddy ramp
Specifications — This bi-fold ATV loading ramp permanently mounts to the top rail of any standard ball-hitch-type trailer and is width adjustable. All hardware is included.
Benefits — With this ramp, two ATVs — one in the truck and one (or more) on the trailer — can be loaded in less than one minute.
Price — $170
Contact — LCI Outdoor Products Inc.; (479) 452-1828; www.lcioutdoorproducts.com

Tour Master Cortech bags
Specifications — This Tour Master Cortech line of ATV luggage includes a front rack bag, rear rack bag, tank saddlebag, fender pack and cooler bag as well as grip mitts.
Benefits — All of the items feature durable 1000 denier nylon construction in two colors: black and Mossy Oak New Break Up camo. All come with matching rain covers in black or camo.
Price — $30 to $80
Contact — Helmet House, 26855 Malibu Hills Road, Calabasas Hills, CA 91301; (800) 421-7247

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