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Pounce on your customers’ excitement

Liz Coliseum in Oakland, Calif., was packed Saturday night. As the lights went out and top Supercross racers rode around the stadium during introductions, the crowd roared as their favorite riders’ names were called.

There’s no mistaking that Supercross is a serious sport for its fans. Everyone in that stadium took a chunk out of their weekend; many drove from afar, and a few even spent upwards of $100 per ticket just to see Ryan Villopoto, Ken Roczen, James Stewart, Chad Reed and a number of other riders in person. And if they’re like any other sports fan, they’re probably thinking, “I wish I would’ve become a Supercross racer. I can do that!” Heck, it was my first Supercross race (thanks to Bell Helmets for the invite!), and I was practically thinking the same thing — That looks fun!

It’s that excitement that draws people to the powersports market. Not very many people NEED a motorcycle, scooter, ATV, side-by-side, snowmobile, or PWC, but they sure as heck WANT them! And they really want them when they’ve seen others having a ton of fun on the machines.

So capture that excitement and use it as a marketing advantage. When a race or some sort of powersports-related event is coming to town, figure out how to get your customers there. Give away a few tickets; remind them where to buy tickets and when tickets go on sale. If an event is televised, host a viewing party at your dealership, and while you’re at it, make sure to pull out related products. (For example, during commercials, or before or after the race, you can say, “Did you know James Stewart wears a Bell Moto-9 helmet? Here are the ones we carry.”) During an event, make sure to interact with customers and fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to show your interest in their hobbies. And after the event, follow up with customers, post photos and video and ask them to send you theirs to share with your fans and followers. Again, you can highlight the products you carry that racers use and try to get leverage out of the event, even after it ends.

There’s a good chance that some sort of powersports activity is happening near your dealership — whether it’s a Supercross race in California, a Snocross event in Minnesota, or an International Motorcycle Show in New York. Learn about all such events happening in your area that could attract your customers, help create excitement and carry that enthusiasm with customers before, during and after the event. That Saturday night Supercross fan might just be the next Monday morning dirt bike buyer.

Liz Keener is the managing editor of Powersports Business, a trade magazine for the powersports industry. She reports on the powersports industry through Powersports Business’ varied media, including in the magazine and online. She assembles the brand’s twice-a-week e-news and handles a variety of assignments for the magazine. Powersports Business is known for its exclusive national dealer surveys, in-depth industry analysis and dealership conference, Powersports Business Institute @ AIMExpo.


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