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Moms spark powersport sales

Leslie Prevish Blog 8-13School’s out soon, and summer camps are hungry for kids, promising new adventures and life skills in the outdoors. Sounds like something your powersports business or brand can offer, right? The below ideas will spark ideas on getting moms to consider your vehicles and accessories for summer fun.

Upgrades for comfort and control

If she’s a mom who is already connected to powersports, either as a participant herself or through family members, focus on trading up vehicles and getting new gear. All kids, big and little, like new stuff that will make their outdoor pursuits more comfortable — and exciting.

For a vehicle upgrade, tell her about the benefits of your ATVs and dirt bikes. Are there any new handling features that will make the ride safer or more comfortable for her kids, or herself? Don’t just provide a list of specs; choose two or three that will catch her attention. Can-Am boasts how the DS has a built-in throttle limiter so “young riders get an authentic riding experience and parents have control.” Hmmm, who knows a mom who doesn’t want more control? If you talk about a vehicle having a throttle limiter though, explain that it will help keep the young ones in a safer speed zone.

Safe gear = safe kids

Remind her of the importance of proper safety gear. Highlight the fact that the Snell Foundation recommends replacing helmets at least every five years. Ask if she’s confident the hand-me-down bucket lids on her kids’ heads pass that test. Send an email to customers including facts from the Snell Foundation Helmet FAQ, or put a post on your social links encouraging her to think about getting new safety gear.

Host a “Kids Safety Seminar” to talk about the latest in protective gear. Every mom wants to keep her kids as scar-free as possible, right? Consider having your protective gear suppliers attend and offer demos. If you do an event, give her enough time to plan. Guys may show up with a few days’ notice, but Mom plans a month (or so!) in advance. Follow up a few days afterward with a thank you email, good safety content and a coupon to bring her back.

Get out and offline

Some young ones can be tough to get outdoors, unless they’re connected to a mobile device or their friends are into going outside, too. Tell moms to encourage their kids to invite friends to come along on ATV or dirt bike rides. She may get pushback on the time commitment and preference for spending the Saturday playing a zombie-killing video game. Suggest she makes a deal; if they don’t smile once during a two-hour ride, she’ll buy them a Ferrari when they turn 16. And if somehow they don’t grin at all (crazy thought), she can wrap up a Matchbox car and have that ready.

Start ‘em young, keep ‘em moving

Getting kids into a sport during their early years sticks with them for a lifetime. Millions of toddlers are riding around backyards and bike paths with balance bikes like Strider’s pedal-less bike. Find a local mom or dad who has helped their kids make the transitions from these to dirt bikes.

Share stories of how riding dirt bikes and ATVs as a family has helped bring them closer together. Try using ideas from this previous article, “Luring 3 types of women,” of highlighting emotional benefits to sell to the “Mommy Maria” persona.


Share articles about how riding powersport vehicles at a young age improves motor skills and coordination. This line from “The Hidden Benefits of Riding Dirt Bikes with Your Kids” should get her attention: “By the time my son was old enough to drive a car I knew he would be a safer driver because of his dirt bike riding skills than another kid who didn’t have his previous riding experience.

Consider promoting, or hosting, a local camp for your powersport product. Whichever idea you implement, get it out now … summer vacation is not far away, and those camps are vying for her — and her kids’ — attention.

A rider for 25 years, Leslie spent 15 years with Harley-Davidson (three retail, 12 corporate) and created their marketing to women role in 2007. She spearheaded Women Riders Month and a Garage Party Campaign that drove 25,000 women to dealers. After two years at Trek Bicycles, Leslie now helps companies be strategic with their marketing.



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  1. Glad to see this article and the focus on children riders. Although there is a lot of focus on off road bikes and gear many times this leads to having your children join you for rides on the street and in North America street riding gear for kids is next to nonexistent.
    For this reason was created. we developed a full line of children’s street riding protective apparel. We also have accessories for adults and the bikes they ride.
    Our children are the future riders. It is our responsibility to keep them safe and by doing so make them responsible adult riders.

    Michael Kaiser
    Owner of KinderRider Inc

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