Last-minute retail reminders

It’s the last days until Christmas. Sales for mainstream retailers have been increasing since November. What categories are up? Electronics and jewelry — in other words, items people want not need!

Make every customer that is coming in count. Do your best to make a sale — not just stand there with a happy grin on your face! People are there for one reason only, and I assure you this is not a week of tire-kicking. Here are some holiday tips:

  • Ask questions: Help your shoppers make gift decisions. Don’t be opinionated, but provide information to make decisions easy.
  • Listen for buying signals: Can I exchange this it if it does not fit? This is an example of a typical buying signal. Close ‘em!
  • Merchandising first! Put luggage, electronics, toys, heavy gloves or electric riding gear, modular helmets and more specialty products up front and center!
  • Make it easy to shop with you and easy to return or exchange items that are holiday gifts for repeat business. This is your time to pull on your skills and shine!
  • Have gift wrap or boxes, so husbands can sneak home that pair of off-road boots for Billy or that new helmet and jacket for the wife!

Oh and last thought, yes, turn up the holiday music. It’s the last week!

Merry holiday selling!

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