New owners revamp Delkron

Now operating under new ownership, Delkron Mfg. is in the process of revamping its operation, moving into a new 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Ohio while focusing on continued development of new product.
Specializing in engine parts and hardware, Delkron was sold to Steve Swarthout and Shawn McNamara in January 2003. Swarthout serves as president; McNamara as vice president.
Swarthout has spent the past 15 years with aerospace and automotive parts supplier Ohio Aluminum, and still serves as its vice president of sales and operations. A public accountant, Shawn McNamara spent the past 10 years as CFO of the FSI Group and general manager of Ravenna Aluminum’s machining division.
Delkron is currently working on a complete transmission, both 5 and 6 speed left and right side drive; oil pump bodies; short blocks; long blocks; cylinders; rocker Boxes and gear covers. Dave Olp, a developer of motorcycle products for the past 20 years, has been tapped to serve as director of operations.
Swarthout and McNamara first became involved with Delkron through the company’s work with Ohio Aluminum, which had been making castings for Delkron since the mid 1990s. With a focus on the motorcycle race market and engine builders, Delkron tapped Swarthout and McNamara to provide cylinder head tooling, castings, machined and assembled parts. psb

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  1. I have a set of delkron shovelhead cases serial number DKM186867
    Trying to find out what year they were made or where I can find how to brake down the serial numbers

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