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Sabertooth Motorcycles files countersuit against Arctic Cat

Sabertooth Motorcycles is fighting an Arctic Cat lawsuit over Sabertooth’s WildCat registered trademark by filing a countersuit of its own, Sabertooth reported.

Sabertooth owns the WildCat trademark that is federally registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its motorcycles and trikes. It has been making use of the WildCat name for eight years.

Arctic Cat has tried three times to register the Wildcat name for its side-by-sides, but its efforts were denied by the USPTO each time because of the likelihood of confusion with Sabertooth’s WildCat trademark, Sabertooth reported.

“This is a clear case of Arctic Cat trying to strip our rights from us,” Ben Daniels, owner and founder of Sabertooth said, “and we won’t tolerate it. We will not be pushed around by a bigger company. All the evidence supports our position.”

According to Sabertooth, Arctic Cat originally filed a lawsuit seeking a ruling that would declare that Arctic Cat’s use of Wildcat doesn’t infringe on Sabertooth’s rights.

“After reading Sabertooth’s countersuit, however, Arctic Cat realized that they were in danger of losing and they responded by filing other actions trying to invalidate all of Sabertooth’s claims to the WildCat trademark, with scurrilous and false allegations,” Sabertooth reported.

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