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Forecasting 2011’s industry sales

January 7, 2011

If we do see a rebound in industry sales, what department are we most likely to see that jump in revenue in? That forecasting question is one we asked 150 dealers from around the nation exactly one year ago. Their thoughts: The highest percentage (29 percent) believed it would come in service; A slightly... Read more »

Will you surrender to ‘creative destruction?’

December 21, 2010

In business, the term “creative destruction” applies to successful new ventures rising out of the ashes of other failed businesses. We watch a typewriter manufacturer go out of business, but find that its building and its employees are snapped-up by a new supplier to the computer industry. Or newspapers... Read more »

Identifying the dealer’s biggest need

November 29, 2010

If there is such a thing as a single, gaping hole in dealer services, I’m betting I know the area of biggest need. It has to be flooring on used units. Powersports Business is in the midst of a dealer survey that is looking extensively at offseason used unit purchasing, and I’m betting that of the... Read more »

Stability, or something more?

October 20, 2010

Two recent extremely notable positive pieces of news makes me wonder if the “stability” mantra being discussed in different parts of the industry isn’t a bit conservative. Conservative meaning perhaps the economic doldrums that have largely represented 2010 might just be coming to an end quicker... Read more »

An unforgettable story

July 30, 2010

National Best New Dealer, National Best Exclusive Dealer, National Best Marketing and Northwest Dealer of the Year were just some of the numerous awards a Bend, Ore., dealership won. For several years, the dealership, Bend Euro Moto, had more than a few things going right, including 100 percent increase... Read more »

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