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Ask and you shall receive

July 19, 2011

Scenario: A customer purchases a new snowmobile from his local dealership. After the break-in period, he takes it to a different dealership – more conveniently located near his riding buddy’s house – for its first service. He picks up the unit from the servicing dealer on the way to a riding weekend... Read more »

Don’t talk your customers out of buying

July 5, 2011

If your salespeople are having trouble turning shoppers into buyers, find out if the salespeople are talking customers out of buying. No salesperson would turn away customers on purpose, but by skipping the “fact-finding” step of the sales process, a salesperson may end up making customers less likely... Read more »

Does your facility really make any difference to sales success?

June 7, 2011

The best sales team selling out of a tent will run rings around an unskilled sales team at a beautiful dealership.  Dealers quickly learn that skilled and trained employees are the most important ingredient for a successful dealership operation.  But what about the facility?  How much of a difference... Read more »

Customer touches are critical

May 24, 2011

Scenario (based upon a real-life customer service call center report) – The call center discovers a service customer that is totally unhappy with his experience at a certain dealership. The frame of the motorcycle had chips on it from where the mechanic hit the frame with a tool, probably a wrench.... Read more »

Does your sales team sell, or are they ‘museum curators’?

May 3, 2011

Our company applies the term, ‘museum curator’ to describe salespeople who are friendly and knowledgeable and will happily answer any customer questions, but don’t actively try to turn shoppers into buyers. Be careful, because when customers are asked about their experience with museum curator... Read more »

Loyalty comes from good customer experiences

April 15, 2011

There's nothing about pricing and promotions that creates loyalty. All it does is train customers to shop for the lowest price, and customers have become well trained to do so. Loyalty is built one customer at a time through positive and memorable customer experiences. "Customer experience" may be the... Read more »

Enhancing customer service in F&I

April 5, 2011

As gas prices continue to rise, we all prepare for what we hope will be a better sales year. Your dealership is looking great, and you feel confident that your customer service is going to generate new sales and repeat business for years to come. You’ve created a full service experience guaranteed... Read more »

What are customers using their smartphones for?

March 22, 2011

Think for a second how often you see cell phones in your daily life. At the mall, teens are using them to text each other; at the airport, business people are perusing their e-mail, and in your dealership, customers are price checking and researching purchases. The first two scenarios aren’t a big... Read more »

Avoid the parts and accessories department trap

March 18, 2011

Another season is coming and this year is going to go one of two ways: Really, really well or slightly better than last year. There are two success factors that are out of our control: weather and economy. But there are factors that are in our control, if we choose to pursue success. That includes: participating... Read more »

How are smartphones affecting your sales?

March 10, 2011

A customer looking at one of your bikes is also peering into his cell phone. You can assume he’s texting, e-mailing or using Facebook, right? Not always. More customers today are using smartphones as research tools inside stores. They’re using anything from barcode scanners for comparison of online... Read more »

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