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Sparta Commercial announces new marketing alliance

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. announced that it has formed a marketing alliance with Quantech Software, Inc., a Canadian-based software developer focusing on the retail powersports, marine, RV and auto industries.

This relationship will enable Quantech, which provides a wide range of products to dealers including F&I, menu selling, lead management and DMS, to add a valuable new addition to its product line.

The Q-App is a highly advanced mobile app designed expressly for the types of retail dealers the company markets to. The Q-App is a custom version of iMobileapp, the unique and affordable product developed by Sparta’s Mobile Technology Division.

The Q-App, powered by iMobileapp, provides retail dealers in Quantech Software’s targeted sector with an opportunity to communicate with their customers in ways never before possible, via their smartphones or tablets, with features that include service requests, inventory views, events, sales specials and more, all delivered instantaneously to the customers.

“This agreement is an excellent example of what our iMobileapp product can do for a company like Quantech Software,” Sparta CEO Anthony Havens said. “As they look for new products to offer their customers that have real value, and can realistically, and in a truly advanced way, take full advantage of the rapidly developing technology available to them. The Q-App, powered by iMobileapp, clearly meets that objective.”

“We’re very enthusiastic about being able to offer the Q-App, powered by iMobileapp, to our customer base,” said Mike Martin, general manager of Quantech Software. “We’re confident that with this exciting new product, they’ll be able to enhance their own customer loyalty factor, gain a real advantage over the competition that hasn’t yet caught up with this technology and increase their bottom lines. We expect this new relationship with Sparta Commercial will be a long and mutually beneficial one.”


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