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CycleTrader.com offers live chat

CycleTrader.com, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has partnered with Contact At Once! to offer live chat on dealership listings. In a pilot study, dealers’ leads generated by the website have increased 60 percent.

Live chat gives CycleTrader.com shoppers real-time contact with dealers, and a mobile-friendly alternative to making a phone call or filling out a lead form. That, said Skip Dowd, senior vice president of Automotive Solutions at Contact At Once!, helps account for the significant increases in shopper engagement.

“The easier dealers make it for a shopper to ask questions, the more likely they are to ask. This gives dealers additional chances to provide great service, personalize information and influence that purchase,” said Dowd. “Instant messaging and mobile messaging continue to grow in convenience and popularity. Just look at your own phone and see how many texts you send vs. how many calls you make.”

Consumers visiting CycleTrader.com can chat live with any dealer who offers the live chat option in their ad listings. Dealers can receive and respond to chat leads through an app on their mobile device or desktop computer. Thanks to presence-aware technology that tracks dealer availability, the live chat feature will not be offered to consumers as an option if the dealer is unavailable.


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