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Arctic Cat sales growing thanks to eBay

Cat drives 10 percent of U.S. sales with eBay store powered by Shopatron

Just months after the launch of Arctic Cat’s official eBay store, the renowned powersports brand is already seeing approximately 10 percent of its Shopatron-powered U.S. sales coming from the new online sales channel.

By tapping into 128 million active users worldwide on eBay Marketplaces and the millions of unique visitors to eBay Motors who are already searching the marketplace, Arctic Cat has supercharged its online sales this season by opening its eBay marketplace channel to U.S. customers.

Launched in September 2013, the official Arctic Cat eBay store allows its brand savvy consumers to shop on eBay, where they receive direct access to a range of official Arctic Cat gear and merchandise; the convenience, safety and security of eBay; and the comfort of having local support from Arctic Cat’s trusted fulfillment partners.

Utilizing in-store inventory to amplify online sales is nothing new to Arctic Cat, which first launched its parts, garments and accessories online store with Shopatron in June 2011, an initiative that transformed the Arctic Cat marketing site into a full-fledged e-commerce site and added fulfillment capabilities like in-store pickup and ship-from-store.

By effectively leveraging the physical store inventories of its retail partners, the brand has not only expedited shipping, broadened delivery options and made purchasing authentic Arctic Cat products easy for consumers, but has rewarded its official dealers who profit from fulfilling online orders without making an investment in their own Internet store.

“For several years, our partnership with Shopatron has enabled us to connect loyal Arctic Cat enthusiasts with our dealers,” said Rodney Larson, senior pricing analyst at Arctic Cat. “The new eBay store takes that functionality to a whole new level, bridging the gap between our dealers and a marketplace that is seeing growth ahead of e-commerce growth.”

In addition to governing pricing and product information and fighting the sale of gray-market goods, brands that launch an eBay store with Shopatron can expect to capture new audiences. Shopatron recently studied its eBay sellers and found that more than 90 percent of customers buying from brands on eBay.com had not purchased on the brand’s site in the past two years.

“eBay shoppers are a unique group of buyers, loyal to eBay, who are responding to our brands’ shopping experiences on eBay.com,” said Greg Squires, Shopatron’s vice president of client success. “Brands are looking for ways to capture new markets and gain new customers; our clients have been pleased with the outcome thus far.”

The dealer-integrated sales channel also increases wholesale sales, as 67 percent of retailers increase spend with brands that send them sales through the patented Shopatron Order Exchange.

Shopatron Marketplace opens the door for brands to take control of the customer experience on eBay. Through the Shopatron Order Exchange, brands can leverage retailers to fulfill orders from official branded eBay stores.


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