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Helmet House unveils new heated apparel brand

By Steve Hickoff

Distributor now offers Mobile Warming gear

For powersports enthusiasts who prolong their riding season into the winter months and others who just plain enjoy being outside in cold temperatures, Mobile Warming Heated Outdoor Apparel’s heating system provides comfort.

For dealers aiming to increase their apparel sales, the brand provides a potential revenue source.

Helmet House, Inc., is the distributor for the brand, which offers a new concept in electrically heated riding gear. With a 7.4-volt 2.2-Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the jacket/vest provides up to 10 hours of comfortable warmth.

“Dealers have identified a need for good, hard-wired electrical gear in their stores. The battery-operated gear is a wonderful solution. Many dealers have taken this to heart,” said Richard Kimes, director of marketing for Helmet House, Inc.

The zip-up garments offer a magnetic shut-off system, so that when the jacket or vest is unzipped, a magnetic connection is opened and the garment automatically stops heating.

The battery remains active but doesn’t draw any power for 30 minutes. If the magnetic connection is reestablished by zipping the garment once more within 30 minutes, it will start heating again. If the jacket/vest is open for more than 30 minutes, the battery automatically shuts off. The battery is rechargeable for more than 500 heating cycles via 110-volt or 12-volt power supplies.

The Mobile Warming system utilizes three heavy-duty heating panels lined with ultra-fine steel alloy fiber elements, plus unique insulating heat-transfer panels that reflect heat inward to help avoid loss of heat from the body. Optimum placement of two panels in the chest area and one on the back keep heat directed at the core areas.

The Mobile Warming system reflects heat inward. (Click image to view larger)

An added benefit is found in the apparel’s versatility.

“Mobile Warming apparel also draws a slightly different customer as well. Not only is it useful for the touring motorcyclist, the ATV or side-by-side rider, but also to outdoors people who simply want to wear it while watching a football game, even while fishing and hunting in cold weather,” Kimes said. “It makes a great liner for a winter coat. The lithium technology is highly effective for all these many outdoor uses.”

How does Mobile Warming differentiate its product from the others?

“We like to think our lithium-ion battery is easier to use than other systems out there. We have an array of styles as well,” Kimes said. “We’re even adding to the line with electrically heated pant liners and so on.”

Style and function in the Mobile Warming apparel clearly matters.

“People want to look and feel good. They want to be comfortable off-bike,” Kimes said. “The line is cut to trim fit. Again, it appeals to wider array of people as a result. For warmth, the benefit lies in the jacket fitting close to the skin. Even though the apparel is trim cut, some of our jackets go to size 5X.”

The Mobile Warming Classic Softshell Jacket includes three heating panels lined with steel alloy fiber elements, with two panels on the chest and one on the back. The battery provides up to 10 hours of warmth.

The battery technology also helps to set the brand apart.

“It’s a nice evolution — more than a game-changer,” Kimes said. “The notion of the lithium-ion technology gives you a length of use outside in relatively cold conditions. It offers the versatility to move around in comfort. People love it. The fact is that we’ve sold out of our second order already.”

How long can an apparel wearer expect battery power to last without recharging?

“Five to nine hours of use as rated by battery manufacturers at full battery charge,” Kimes said. He added that during personal use he’s easily topped six hours of wear time.

Dealers may wonder what types of riders are going to find it most beneficial — touring motorcycle? ATV? Side-by-side?

“It’ll appeal to a wider array of riders, including recreational motorcyclists, and so forth,” Kimes said. “The versatility of the Mobile Warming gear opens doors to wider groups of people. We’re excited about this.”

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