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Yamaha OHV GRANTs top $875,000 for Q1

ATV riding clubs, national forests, law enforcement support groups and other off-highway vehicle (OHV)-related organizations across the country will be receiving more than $175,000 in cash and equipment in this first quarter thanks to Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A.
This initial effort for 2009 is a continuation of Yamaha’s OHV Access Initiative, which has poured more than $875,000 into the OHV community since the beginning of last year supporting its mission of promoting safe, responsible riding and open, sustainable riding areas, according to a Yamaha press release.
In this funding cycle, Yamaha GRANTs (Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nation’s Trails) were awarded to 15 applicants with projects designed to improve OHV experience locally, regionally and nationally.
“The Yamaha OHV Access Initiative has become a vital resource for OHV communities that are performing the on-the-ground work needed to create and maintain safe and responsible riding areas,” Yamaha General Manager of ATV and UTV operations Mike Martinez said in the release.  “Yamaha has put more than $875,000 back into the OHV community through the OHV Access Initiative over the past 15 months. Particularly in this economic climate, these grassroots organizations need help, and Yamaha is proud to continue our support of the industry and enthusiasts through these GRANTS.”

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