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Cycle Country’s third quarter orders increase 200 percent

Cycle Country has seen an order increase of 200 percent for its third fiscal quarter, stated a company press release.

Part of the increase is because of advanced orders for its fourth quarter. The heightened orders are in nearly every business segment, including contract manufacturing, OEM business and ATV accessories.

Cycle Country President Jeff Tetzlaff says the advanced orders will allow the company to secure pricing for some time.

“We have been able to create a benefit for both our customers and ourselves by locking in the majority of our steel requirements now and thus, creating a known and stable product price for the months ahead,” Tetzlaff said in the release. “With steel prices projected to continue to increase in the near to mid term, it just made sense that we should act now to buy as much steel as we will need for the rest of the fiscal year, plus some. Our customers understand the benefits to them by allowing us to secure a majority of our fiscal fourth quarter sales early.”

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