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Schwinn Scooters Reports Lofty Sales Increase

Schwinn Motor Sports, the makers of small-displacement scooters, announced a significant increase in sales and in its dealer network in the United States.

The company said it has sold 440 percent more scooters this year than in 2005. Also this year, Schwinn said it has landed 200 new dealers, meaning the company now has 250 dealers across the United States.

Schwinn officials said 50cc scooters accounted for the majority of its sales, while its 150cc scooters have just recently entered the market.

“We asked our dealers what was most important to them,” George Simone, vice president of Schwinn Motor Sports, said in a news release. “They told us customer service and quality products were far and away most important. To respond to that, we offer online access to parts, service and warranty. Of course dealers can still call our dealer hotline and speak with a live person. We also fund co-op ads and provide our dealers with ad slicks and other promotional materials that make promoting our products easy.”

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