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SNOWMOBILE – Polaris Introduces Switchback, Reveals Recall

Polaris Industries unveiled the 2005 900 SwitchBack on Dec. 1. The sled features Polaris’ new IQ chassis and features the same 866cc EFI two-stroke Liberty engine as the Fusion 900 and RMK 900.
The 900 SwitchBack also has the Rider Select steering system with the seven-position handlebars — everything from the seated “Comfort” mode to a forward positioned “Control” ride zone to the stand-up “Attack” position. The sled features a wide, 42.5" ski stance with triangulated-mounted radius rods in the front, and an uncoupled, dual-angle rail version of an RMK suspension with a 144" track and 1.25" lugs in the rear. Dual-angle rails decrease the wheelbase of the sled for better handling without compromising the track foot print for deep snow performance.
Polaris said the 2005 900 SwitchBack will be available in very limited quantities.
In other Polaris news, the company announced a recall of approximately 2,580 units of its 900 Fusion and 900 RMK 151 snowmobiles sold nationwide from June 30, 2004 to Oct. 7, 2004 for between $9,499 and $10,299.
Polaris says the fuel connections between the fuel line and the fuel pump and fuel filter can leak. Failure of the fuel connection can result in a possible fire. In addition, the drive shaft may have been incorrectly heat-treated, resulting in brittle drive shafts that could fail at lower loads than the shafts were originally designed to meet. Failure of the drive shaft can result in a loss of braking of the snowmobile.
There have been no incidents or injuries reported.
The 2005 Polaris 900 Fusion and 900 RMK 151 snowmobiles with model numbers S05MP8DS(A)(B)(C) and S05PL8DSA are part of this recall. The model number is located on the vehicle identification tag located on the right side near the footrest. The 900 Fusion and 900 RMK 151 snowmobiles have either red/black or blue/silver/black seats with a red, black, or blue hood. “Fusion 900” or “RMK 900” is prominently displayed on the sides of the body.
Polaris asks dealers to install fuel line connection clamps and a replacement drive shaft free of charge. Polaris has notified consumers directly about this recall. For more information, call Polaris at 800/765-2747.

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