Goodyear Dunlop Tires NA – produced U.S. ATV tires

Ten years ago Dunlop Tire Corp. produced its first domestic ATV tires and a year later in September 1999, the company merged with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Corp., which formed three global joint venture companies. Product and Marketing Manager of off-road and ATV tires Stephen Yanacek says the merger brought on new prospects for Dunlop. “This new relationship opened up significant new opportunities for both the OEM and replacement business,” he said. “The portfolio of ATV products virtually doubled overnight as well as the resources and technical expertise.” Yanacek adds the merger gave Dunlop the immediate ability to offer OEMs a greater number of products to choose from as well as ground-up tire development that was designed to utilize a specific vehicle’s performance attributes. Dunlop went from producing Honda tires in the Buffalo, N.Y. facility and has since added a second Goodyear factory and a third manufacturing location that produces ATV radial tires.

Turning point & now
“Our approach in the last three years has been to take a more concentrated approach at producing replacement ATV products suited specifically for our market,” said Yanacek, “and being one of the first ATV tire manufacturers to offer 14-inch radials and the first fitted as original equipment. We have tried not to stray to far from the success experienced in our motorcycle business.”

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