S&S Receives EU Approval for Three Engines

S&S Cycle’s SH93, T124, and T124V engines have met European Union (EU) standards for exhaust and noise emissions.
Approvals for the SH93 and T124 engines add to existing EU-approved S&S V-Series engines, including the V96, V113, and the V124 models, S&S officials said.
S&S designed the SH93 engine to replace Harley-Davidson shovel engines from 1970-1984, the S&S T124 to replace a carbureted Twin Cam 88 engine from 1999-2006, and the S&S V-Series and the S&S T124V engines for use in 1984-1999 chassis originally equipped with a carbureted Evolution engine.
EU standards include a requirement that the noise emissions not exceed 80 dB (A). To accomplish this on all three engines, the S&S signature teardrop air cleaner design is used in conjunction with a special backplate, which includes a baffle to reduce intake noise. Also, a second noise restrictor has been added between the carburetor and intake manifold.
To reduce exhaust emissions to a level acceptable to the EU, changes were made to the SH93, including special length cylinders to achieve an 8.0:1 compression ratio, the selection of an S&S 520 cam, a specially modified Super E carburetor, and the S&S Super Stock Ignition system to provide the spark.
Changes also were made to the T124 and T124V models to meet the exhaust emission requirements. These changes include longer cylinders to bring the compression ratio to 9.5:1, selection of an S&S 546 cam, a specially modified Super G carburetor, and a reprogrammed IST ignition module.

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