KTM: ATV to Appear in 2007

KTM North America plans to offer a 525cc sport ATV in 10 to 12 months as a late-release 2007 model.
KTM dealers from the United States and Canada heard the news during the company’s annual business meeting, held in Portland Aug. 30-Sep. 1.
KTM’s strategy is to use its established credibility in off-road racing and engine-building to offer “ready-to-race” units, the first of which will be designed to run in GNC and GNCC competition.
“This initial unit will be positioned to run the cross country series, but we also plan to introduce a 450cc unit that’ll be set-up for motocross competition,” KTM N.A. President Jon-Erick Burleson told Powersports Business.
Assembled retailers, most of which specialize in off-road product, applauded loudly after seeing a video of recent testing performed on the 525. KTM tapped U.S. racer Adam Clark to serve as a test rider.
Read more about KTM’s new product and future plans in the September 25 issue of Powersports Business magazine.

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