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Beta reveals 2023 EVO 80 models

Beta USA has unveiled its 2023 EVO 80 Jr. and Sr. models, providing younger generations with a reliable and rideable lineup of trial motorcycles. The EVO 80 model comes in two different sizes, the EVO Jr. and the EVO Sr. The smaller Jr. version is recommended for ages 9-12 years old, and the larger Sr. is recommended for ages 11-15. 

Beta 2023 EVO 80 Jr.

Each model is based on the same frame and engine package with the difference being in the wheels, brakes and suspension to provide the right performance and height. Powered by a liquid cooled 2-stroke engine with a six-speed transmission, the Evo 80 will provide years of dependable service for young inspiring trial riders. They are an excellent training tool for young off-road and motocross riders learning the art of balance and control.

Features Include:

Engine: Proven and tested 80cc 2-stroke engine with a six-speed transmission and hydraulic clutch for an easy clutch lever pull.

Chassis: Steel parameter-style frame, very narrow in design for ease of movement while negotiating the trail or sections. Both models weigh less than 150 lbs.  

Suspension: Hydraulic front fork and rear shock with spring rates set for the smaller riders. 

Brakes: Both EVO 80 Jr. and Sr. models have hydraulic disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power in wet or dry conditions. 

Beta 2023 EVO 80 Sr.

The EVO 80 Jr. is priced at $4,599 and the EVO 80 Sr. is priced at $4,999. There is a $319 destination fee and production is limited. The models will be available in December.

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