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2020 Honda Talon 1000 I-4WD demo from Texplex (video)

Honda Powerhouse dealers got the first look at the 2020 Honda Talon lineup last week at Texplex in Midlothian, Texas, and they were certainly intrigued by the I-4WD that has been enhanced for the sport side-by-side.

Honda’s I-4WD, first introduced on the Pioneer 1000 LE, is the powersports industry’s first and only off-road brake traction control system (BTCS), and it has been specifically adapted to sport side-by-side use for the Talon models.

Here’s a look at the I-4WD demo that was set up at Texplex:

The system manages the amount of slip between left and right front wheels, applying torque to the one with greater grip. The result is excellent traction and tracking performance in tough off-road conditions, with reduced steer effort and kickback compared to a standard differential lock.

The system also incorporates an Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system (EBD), which strategically applies braking force to optimize stability under braking, minimizing rear-chassis lift when in two-wheel drive.

To simplify re-starting after stops on ascents, the driver has the option of pressing a Hill Start Assist button (HSA) on the dash, thereby temporarily holding the vehicle in place without the need to apply pressure on the brake pedal. As a result, more mental bandwidth can be dedicated to effectively modulating the throttle to resume motion. As a separate feature, when the driver brakes aggressively, the vehicle holds gears longer for real engine braking.

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