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Dealer sponsors Baja Rally 2015

News Release has announced that BMW Motorcycles of Escondido has extended it’s commitment to BAJA RALLY through 2015 and will be offering an exclusive “Chasing the BAJA RALLY” adventure package to its VIP customers. BMWMCE was the title sponsor of BAJA RALLY 2.0 last September where the dealer launched its “adventure” package, where invited riders embed into the BAJA RALLY with the racers and ride on selected sections of stage routes.

“It was a big honor last year for our team to partner with BMW and the dedicated team in Escondido,” explained BAJA RALLY general director Scotty Breauxman. “Mike Findlay and his team know the Baja scene and are no strangers to racing and logistics in Mexico. We’ve fortified our entire infrastructure by aligning with Mike and his team. It says a lot about our progress to have the BMW logo back on our event.”

“We’ve been on board for the long term with BAJA RALLY,” explained BMWMCE chief Mike Findlay. “We see a big future in this event and our best customers want to venture down and out with the rally and in the bivouacs.”

BMWMCE hosts monthly rides into Baja CA for its most valued customers and the dealer has secured the license to host “follow-along” adventure tours around BAJA RALLY events. VIP attendees ride with BMWMCE staff and follow parts of the BAJA RALLY course to spectate before finishing each day to rendezvous with racers in the remote bivouac camp.

“It’s kind of cool that our VIP customers can rub shoulders and share meals with top pro racers and have unrestricted access to the BAJA RALLY bivouacs,” Findlay added.

“It adds a new dynamic to our event and our future,” Breauxman continued. “The BMW logo is one of the most recognizable marks on earth, so it adds an earned credibility to our team’s efforts and having a bunch of ADV riders with us under the BMW tent is like icing on the cake.”

This year, BMWMCE expects to limit its VIP Adventure package to 8-10 advanced riders. Interested and qualified riders should inquire with BMWMCE’s Operations Manager Rick Johns at 760 520-1288.

The BAJA RALLY is a multi-day, international-style “rally-raid” modeled after the world’s largest rally and hosted in the Mexican state of Baja CA. Sponsored and endorsed by Federal, State and Municipal Governments, the BAJA RALLY is the future of “eco-adventure” tourism in Baja CA.

BMW Motorcycles of Escondido is a leading multi-line retail dealership led by a team of experienced racers, technicians and staff. Based in North County San Diego, BMWMCE has all of your ADV and touring motorcycle needs covered.

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