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New technology allows dealers to target location-specific customers

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Dealer Spike provides advanced Geo-Fencing technology solutions for its dealerships. This is an innovative method to target potential customers who are not only looking at a specific dealership online, but who are checking out competing dealerships as well. Messages and sales pitches that savvy business owners set up include deals and special offers to steer online users away from competitors and draw them in to the dealership that has the Geo-Fencing advantage.

How it works is relatively simple. The pop-up message can include text, video, images, and lead forms. Popular examples might be “Our dealership will beat any price!” or “Stop in today for a discount on your new purchase.” The ad can reach consumers using desktop computers as well as mobile devices and tablets. Once the message is created, business owners decide what location to target. Create a “fence” around the location — whether it be your entire city or just your competing dealership across town — and select the dates and times for the pop-up to appear. When a consumer visits your dealership website in that location, they see your ad.

It is only logical that consumers price match for the best deal on a vehicle or unit, and often on a mobile device. Those potential customers visiting your competing dealership are leads that you didn’t know you had. Without the geo-fenced ad, they may not find the deal they are looking for on your website. Geo-analytics available through this tool show you how many people saw your pop-up, how many people clicked on it, and how many leads were submitted.  As a whole, geo-fencing technology allows you to take advantage of opportunities for sales that weren’t even possible before.

Geo-fencing puts you in control of any potential sale that comes your way, even when a competitor drew a customer into their store. It provides you with a competitive advantage that allows you to conquer the market. Dealer Spike is the only powersports web provider that can supply your dealership with this groundbreaking tool.

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