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Skypatrol unleashing Protek GPS for dealers

Tracking device player is targeting powersports dealers with proven system

A new F&I product available from an industry veteran could bring added bottom line dollars to F&I departments.

Tony Tarell, who previously worked for various GPS companies, is now director of sales for the new Powersport Division of Miami-based Skypatrol. Skypatrol adds another profit center to the F&I office and carries no set MSRP, allowing dealers to set the price depending on the deal. Tarell says Protek is the only GPS company offering a preload program for $0 up-front cost, so that dealers can preload their inventory with GPS.

“I want dealers to preload their inventory with GPS, similar to what happens in the car business — you buy it with all the accessories preloaded,” Tarell said. “The customer buys the tracking device with the custom paint, bags, windshield, seat, and now GPS preloaded by the dealer to save them from buying it all after the sale.”

Skypatrol will be working directly with finance and leasing companies to supply GPS units on powersports products for which they provide paper. Retail sales also are available, but Tarell says the decision to work the tracking devices into the sale via financing, leasing and Buy Here Pay Here companies already has been a success since the company’s recent launch.

Skypatrol’s Protek GPS is offered directly to finance and lending companies that want tracking devices on units.
Skypatrol’s Protek GPS is offered directly to finance and lending companies that want tracking devices on units.

“Horsepower Financial, for example, requires a GPS on their deals. If the GPS is already on the bike as part of my preload program, it speeds up the process in the F&I office and gets people in and out faster.

“I’ve worked for companies where we did less than 800 units a year total through retail, and now I’m doing 500 units a month with one leasing company alone,” Tarrell said.

Companies such as Horsepower Financial, Motolease, Excel Financial and Octane Lending have been among the early adopters, and Tarell says there are plenty of new finance companies eyeing the powersports marketplace.

“With the cost of GPS being so inexpensive, the finance company sees the benefit of asking the dealer to install it,” he said. “Some of these guys hold the paper for only a year or so, so it’s just another way to stay protected.”

Dealerships that cater to the subprime buyer have found success with the Protek GPS system from Skypatrol for their “in-house finance” deals due to added benefits offered, like the Data Verification tool, which provides the dealer with information to evaluate the buyer. The platform also has features that lets the dealer use payment reminders sent to borrowers via email or text. Also, there’s a one-click repo mode that pushes the platform features securely out to a repo agent.

“We are in this to help the industry, and the way we can have the biggest impact on it is to get more people riding by helping the dealers and finance companies approve more people,” Tarell said.

Protek GPS also will be rolling out an insurnace program for its system that will allow for an additional upsell in the F&I office and two more added benefits for the end user. It will allow for the F&I staffer to upsell the insurance to the customer, who then has the ability, if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered, to file a claim and get money back to cover the insurance deductible gap or to use it toward another motorcycle.

“When I show the dealers everything we can do for them and how much more money they can make in the finance office, it blows them away,” Tarell said. “We’re already in a range of dealerships, from Harley-Davidson dealers to Buy Here Pay Here dealers.”


OEMs also find the Protek GPS device as an asset. Their demo, show and testing units are prime candidates for the device, allowing them to track and be notified when things happen to the unit.

Skypatrol’s Protek GPS system will make its industry trade show debut this fall at AIMExpo in Orlando.

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