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Average dealer sold 82 UTVs in 13 months

West, California combine to lead sport UTV sales by region

Data from ADP Lightspeed provided exclusively to Powersports Business readers finds that based on more than 90,000 new UTVs sold at retail from May 2013 to May 2014 in 1,090 dealerships, the average dealer sold 82 units during those 13 months.

Sport side-by-sides are most prominently sold in the West region, with 26 percent of all sport UTV sales occurring there, and an additional 10 percent of the sales happening in California, according to the ADP Lightspeed data. The South region is not far behind, with 34 percent of sales of new sport UTVs being transacted there. The Midwest (18 percent), Northeast (9 percent) and Northwest (3 percent) are the remaining contributors to Sport UTV sales.

As for multipurpose UTV sales, the South secures 43 percent of sales, ahead of the Midwest (26 percent), West (14 percent), Northeast (9 percent), California (5 percent) and Northwest (3 percent).

Work UTVs sales are most prominent in the South (59 percent), with 19 percent of work UTVs sales happening in the Midwest. The Northeast (10 percent), West (6 percent), California (4 percent) and Northwest (2 percent) are other contributors to Work UTV sales.

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