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CFMOTO wraps up Red Track test in Australia

800cc range of ATVs, UTVs face 11 days in Outback

CFMOTO distributors from China, Russia and France gathered in Adelaide, Australia, in February to embark on the Red Track endurance test, featuring 11 days of successful riding across the Australian Outback.

The harsh and desolate Outback proved to be an ideal endurance test. Ghislain Guiot, general manager of CFMOTO France, organized the event.

“As you know, the Australian Outback is renowned for being the driest place on earth, so what better place to test the reliability of ATVs than to take them here. Under such extreme conditions, I believe a lot that the success of this journey could fully convince people the quality of CFMOTO’s off-road vehicles.”

This outback adventure began in South Australia where the crew made tracks in the white sandy beaches of West Beach before hitting the trails at Arden Hills. From there they headed to the majestic Rawnsley Park Station, five hours north of Adelaide to spend a few days exploring the Flinders Ranges before packing up and heading to Broken Hill in outback New South Wales.

The journey continued south through Wentworth, before heading to Mildura in regional Victoria then back into South Australia where the crew explored national parks and spent a day riding and filming at the ATV heaven of Kingston at one of the few privately owned ocean front sand dune properties in the country .From Kingston, warriors came back to the starting place Adelaide, which brought the end of this incomparable trip.

The total trip saw CFMOTO’s 800cc range came out and played including the ZFORCE 800EX, UFORCE 800 and CFORCE 800 vehicles.

CFMOTO distributors from China, Russia and France fared well on the vehicles during an 11-day test in the Australian Outback.
CFMOTO distributors from China, Russia and France fared well on the vehicles during an 11-day test in the Australian Outback.

These brave CFMOTO warriors dubbed their journey ‘The Red Track’ and told their incredible story through stunning imagery, film and by keeping journals. After a 11 days’ journey, they had successfully finished this arduous and challengeable adventure in the driest continent of the planet. Here below is a close look of what they have experienced on the road.


February 28 – The journey begins.
After leaving Adelaide, the crew head to Arden Hills where they get to try out the ATV’s for the first time, taste the local cuisine and salivate over the impressive landscape calling it ‘a hikers dream.’

March 1 – Willow Springs Station
Located near the huge crater of Wilpena Pound, the team passes through quiet country towns and head off for some freestyle riding. In the afternoon, they find themselves on top of the highlands are happy to see so many kangaroos joined them on their hike.

March 2 – Rawnsley Park Station
For day three, the weather remains perfect and the team head to corner of the earth where eagles reign supreme and Emu’s run away as soon as they hear the sound of the CFMOTO’s powerful engines.


March 3 – Bendelby Ranges
The team arrive in sheep farming country and the owners of the station welcome their guests with open arms. The crew describes an incredible feeling of freedom in their vast surrounds and after a hard days riding and testing the strength and durability of the CFORCE 800 and SSV vehicles, they retire for the night after the most magnificent sunset and a traditional Aussie BBQ dinner of lamb and kangaroo.

March 4 – Bendelby Ranges to Broken Hill
Still fighting off jet lag from their long flights from Europe, Russia and China, the crew head to Broken Hills by truck as the ATV’s are not legally permitted to drive on the roads in Australia. After 400kms, they arrive in Broken Hill.

March 5 – Mundi Mundi Station
The team finally hit the red dirt Australia is famous for. The drones which film the adventure from above are released, and the crew play football amongst snakes, lizards and other dangerous animals which can only be found in Australia. The Kangaroos linger beside the vehicles curiously and the heat rises quickly.

March 6 – Wentworth
Another day travelling by truck, this time to Wentworth. Stopping for lunch, the crew head down to a river which is filled with crocodiles and consider themselves lucky not to be their lunch. After a quick ride, the drone plane crashes and the rest of the afternoon is spent repairing the machine. Thankfully no one is hurt.

March 7 – Kapana
Another adventure filled day on a sheep farm station. Being further south, the scenery is greener and the crew are treated to a ride featuring swamps, rivers and conditions the CFMOTO machines thrive in.

March 8 – Scorpion Park, Pinnaroo
From swamps and quagmires, the vehicles arrive at Scorpion Park and are put through their paces on sand. The SSV’s come alive, sliding, climbing and dipping with the landscape. The crew dodge scorpions in the sand and marvel at how well the vehicles handle the terrain.

March 9 – Coorong National Park
The Go Pro’s come out after the Drone crashes again and the scenery captured is breathtaking. The owner of a nearby farm invites the crew to help him round up his cattle with the CFMOTO ATV’s. A lot of CFMOTO ATV have been sold to the agriculture sector and work like this is what the machines are made for. After another day of fantastic scenery, quality riding, great food and company, the team retire for the last night.

March 10 – Kingston Beach
On the final day, the team begin riding at dawn. Kingston beach is the top spot in Australia for 4×4 driving and the CFMOTO machines handle the sand dunes with ease. After a memorable ride, the crew close the day with a game of lawn bowls and pack their bags. Tomorrow they return home.


After 11 days riding and testing the vehicles at some of the most desolate locations on earth, CFMOTO proves their machines are built for performance and easily handle the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.



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