Prince William visits Norton Motorcycles

There are customer tours, visits from company brass and, in an entirely different category, visits from royalty. During the recent MCN London Motorcycle show, HRH the Duke of Cambridge Prince William stopped by to check out the latest product from Norton Motorcycles.

HRH-1_255x255Chatting with Norton Chairman Stuart Garner, the Prince William chose the Red Commando 961 Sport as his favorite. The Prince, a keen motorcycle enthusiast, expressed his interest in the growth and future of Norton as an example of a great British brand that remains built by British hands in the United Kingdom.

HRH-2_225x228His interest quickly turned to the Norton SG2 factory Isle Of Man TT bike, and asked if he would be allowed to sit on the bike. He was, of course, welcomed to sit wherever he wished.

Norton CEO Stuart Garner and Prince William discussed Norton’s increased efforts this year for the IOM TT, the factory team plans and new riders for the 2014 race.

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  1. I'm looking to buy a motorcycle and I really like the look of the norton 750 commando. My question is this, is this a bike that is known to last and run well?

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