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Ozark Harley-Davidson Buell – Lebanon, MO – Sept. 22, 2008

Ozark Harley-Davidson Buell
2300 Evergreen Parkway
Lebanon, Mo. 65536
Jack and Debi Fleming
Owners Jack and Debi Fleming have been long-time Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and even had their first date on a Harley. Jenna Eidson, who handles marketing for Ozark Harley-Davidson/Buell, says the couple’s enthusiasm is contagious throughout the dealership. The Fleming family worked together in a family owned trucking company prior to the H-D dealership. In 1997 after having sold his share of the trucking company, Jack Fleming discovered there was a H-D dealership for sale in Lebanon, Mo. “After many months of paperwork and waiting, Jack and Debi were finally approved by Harley-Davidson to become dealers,” Eidson said. “They reopened the dealership under their ownership Sept. 1, 1998.” The Fleming family wanted their dealership to be known for outstanding customer service. “They know what it’s like to be in the customers’ shoes and they want to do whatever they can to help fulfill people’s dreams of living the Harley lifestyle,” Eidson said. In June 2001, they moved the dealership into a bigger facility and next to the highway. Then in May 2005, they added a second dealership in Osage Beach, Mo. What began with just the four family members has expanded to more than 30 employees between the two dealerships.
Ozark Harley-Davidson/Buell’s greatest concern is the economy. Eidson says with less expendable income, people are fulfilling needs before wants. Another concern for the dealership is finding qualified employees. “Our dealerships believe in maintaining a top-of-the-line staff that is knowledgeable and can provide excellent service to each customer,” Eidson said. “Our customers are important to us, so we think they deserve the best possible service we can provide. With such high expectations, finding the right employee for the job is of top concern.”
With an all-new frame on the touring models and the addition of the V-Rod Muscle, the recently released 2009 models have been exceptionally popular this year, Eidson says. In addition to the new line, women’s riding gear has become more in demand. With more female riders hitting the streets, apparel and helmets specifically designed for women have been leaving the shelves fast. “The number of women riders is ever increasing and Harley-Davidson wants to ensure they will be as comfortable for the long haul as men riders,” Eidson noted. “Both dealerships strongly support women riders and encourage them to stop in and shop the gear that was made with them in mind.”
More customers are looking to personalize their motorcycles, Eidson says. “Lately, we are starting to see more customization in the touring models,” she noted, adding another trend the dealership has noticed is the want for the “dark, custom look.” It’s a blacked-out customization offered on a few models, Eidson notes. “This trend is seen in the up-and-coming generation of Harley-Davidson riders,” she said. “The dark custom models allow us to fulfill the dreams of not only our traditional customers but those who are part of a new demographic as well.”
Taking it to a new level, the parts and service departments are areas the dealership excels in. It has six factory-trained technicians between the two stores with a pick-up and delivery option. Eidson says it utilizes the Harley-Davidson Digital Technician System, with a real-time connection to the factory diagnostic database. “This allows the technicians to pinpoint diagnostics for the ultimate tune-up,” she said. “We also offer tuning for H-D motorcycles with a customized Dynamometer equipped with both a load control system and an air/fuel module. The Eddy Current power absorption technology gives our technicians the ability to control vehicle RPM and speed at any throttle opening.” The department also offers special promotions for riders to keep motorcycles maintained as well as seminars that are intended to educate riders about the importance of motorcycle maintenance. Ozark Harley-Davidson/Buell’s parts and accessories department also stands out from other dealerships as it has a chrome consultant for customers who want to customize. “Our staff specializes in knowledge of genuine parts and accessories as well as Screamin’ Eagle performance parts,” Eidson said.
Ozark Harley-Davidson/Buell hosts a number of events throughout the year. That has especially been the case this year with Harley-Davidson’s 105th anniversary. “At our dealerships we frequently hold events where the main goal is to offer our customers a destination to ride and a chance to have fun,” Eidson said. “All promotions are created for the customer. They’re designed to draw new prospects into the dealerships to experience the Harley-Davidson legend and benefit those already experiencing it.”
“To be a part of the Harley-Davidson legend every day is an honor,” Eidson said. “We are not simply selling a product; we as dealers are fulfilling dreams and creating new members of the Harley-Davidson family.”
— Karin Gelschus

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