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Use inbound links to drive website traffic

Laura Reinders Blog 1-13January and February are typically the months where dealers give their websites a little extra love. Redesigns are completed. Page content is updated. But to give your website that full coat of paint, you need expand beyond the surface of your website to the Internet and specifically, your website traffic.  

Where is your website traffic coming from? That answer may seem easy as you quickly think of search engines or possibly the classified sites you list inventory on. You can even do a more thorough evaluation by reviewing your website analytics. Most likely, you haven’t untapped all of the available inbound traffic resources. One consideration is inbound links.

Chances are, your dealership partners with many other outside businesses in which to promote your services or even sell your products, but are you taking advantage of these partnerships by linking up with their websites? Simply ask these companies to provide a clickable link on their website(s) directed back to your website(s). This action can lead your website to be visited more by users who may have not come across your website otherwise. In addition, there are many more ways you can reach out for linking opportunities such as community services you’ve worked with, social media sites your employees are on, not to mention your dealership’s social media pages and businesses that already include your brand name on their sites. You’ll be surprised how productive this outreach is and how many existing company relationships will be enhanced along the way.

Laura Reinders is the marketing manager for PowerSports Network and Traffic Log Pro.



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