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All devices lead to your website

All devices lead to your website. Or at least they should.

People use many devices throughout the day. They use their laptop with their smartphone or their smartphone with their desktop, or a tablet while watching TV.  In any given day, many people use multiple devices to view information.

Let me give you an example. Imagine a couple: Jake and Kate. They take a yearly motorcycle touring vacation. Right now, it’s mid-winter and they sit together watching TV. Or, at least it looks like they’re watching TV. Jake plunks his finger across his smartphone checking his fantasy football team. Kate holds an iPad and swipes her finger through Pinterest, “pinning” ideas for their bathroom remodeling project.

Right then, they see the local dealership’s commercial on TV. It reminds them that they need to start planning their trip.

After hearing the dealership’s web address, Kate navigates away from Pinterest. At the same time Jake finds the website on his smartphone. As they browse, they find parts and accessories they need for their trip. They decide to buy a few things. Jake grabs his wallet, and they place their order. The whole thing takes less than ten minutes, and they’re back to watching TV. The couple feels a sense of accomplishment, and the dealership got a sale.

Multiple device usage, like this, is now the norm.

Ninety percent of people use multiple devices to accomplish a task (like buying motorcycle gear online.) That’s according to a recent study by Google. So what can you do to make sure you can reach customers who use multiple devices? Consider the following:

Look at your customer’s experience. The best way to see if your customers have a good experience using different devices is to try using different devices. How does your website look on a laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet? When you see an ad for your dealership, try getting to your website with different devices. Can you find your dealership? Can you find products? Try a specific product.

Make sure it’s a similar experience across devices. Consistency across devices is important. Customers can easily transition from a smartphone to a tablet or a tablet to a desktop when the general look and feel of the website stays the same.

Add your web address to your advertising. Like the story above, adding your website address to your advertising gives your customers a soft-touch reminder that they can go look at your products and browse your services anytime, like right now.

Get software that makes online purchases easy. In that same Google study I mentioned above, I read that 81 percent of smartphone shopping is done spur-of-the-moment. The website software you use should help your customers find parts and accessories, and once they find them, they need a smooth buying path on their smartphone, and other devices.

Help your customers living in a multiple device world. Make sure all devices lead to your website.

Like all members of 50 Below, an ARI company, Ben Borchert wants to help powersports dealers help their customers. Ben uses his skills as a Marketing Analyst and Writer to empower, educate, and advise dealers in the ever-changing realm of online marketing. To view more of Ben’s articles visit


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