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Share more today to sell more tomorrow

Let’s say you heard of some breaking news, and you wanted to tune in to learn more. Would you pick CNN, Fox News, or your local TV network affiliate? Chances are everyone reading this blog would choose a different channel. This is also true when people search for bikes and other powersports products – they all choose a different website. That’s why you should strive to cast a wider net, giving your dealership every opportunity to be in front of the largest number of potential buyers.

Posting your listings on classifieds websites, such as, eBay Motors and Craigslist, will increase the reach of your virtual showroom and capture more customer attention. At the same time, you can also enhance your search engine optimization strategy by including links to the unit listings on your website. Consider implementing a solution that enables your new and used inventory to be automatically posted and updated on the most successful portals. This way, you only have to enter the listings once, including text, specifications and pictures in a few clicks, rather than go to each portal to type in the data.

Be sure to share newly available units with your fans on your dealership’s Facebook Page to enhance the visibility of your inventory and encourage conversations. The more potential buyers see your listings, the more high-quality prospects will select you as their dealership of choice. Be sure to keep track of the number of generated leads and resulting sales, ultimately keeping the classifieds websites with the highest leads-to-sales ratio. Remember to develop content-rich listings that hook buyers with a full, compelling story by using eye-catching pictures and videos combined with exciting descriptions.

The development of hundreds of impressions is how you draw more eyes and raise more hands – growing impressions that lead to more traffic and sales. Maximizing your inventory’s online exposure will enhance your visibility, engage more prospects and drive higher quality traffic. Share more today to sell more tomorrow.

Brad Smith is a product manager at ARI, a leading provider of technology-enabled business solutions for dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the powersports, outdoor power equipment, marine and RV industries. Products and services include e-commerce-enabled websites, lead generation, lead management, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and e-catalogs (parts, garments, and accessories).

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