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Craig BrownScenario (based upon a real-life customer service call center report) – Your call center reveals that at least once a week a potential customer at your dealership purchases a motorcycle at another dealership nearby. Customers buy from other dealerships for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons you can correct. Some of those reasons you cannot correct. You need to know how often somebody visits your dealership and then purchases elsewhere. You also need to know why.

What Now? – If the potential customer purchased a brand that you sell and service, try to win the customer back. There remains a lot of potential parts, service and accessories business with that customer. You should send these customers a communication letting them know that you are aware they purchased elsewhere, but you still want their business. Perhaps a coupon for a meaningful discount on an accessories purchase or an oil change will entice them back into your dealership. An invitation to a fun event may also do the trick.

If the potential customer went with a brand you do not carry, keep this customer in your data base for future target marketing. This customer may not be satisfied with their purchase a year from now, or they may develop different tastes after riding for awhile.

Lesson Learned – Do not take it personally if a customer does not buy from you. There is nothing to be gained by severing communications with a potential customer. There is plenty of opportunity in the future with every motorcycle enthusiast. Try to make it your opportunity.

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