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Dave ValentineOften times a Web site’s homepage is not used to its fullest potential. This struggle usually stems from not knowing how visitors view a page. A homepage lacking in organization or containing too much content can result in higher bounce rates. A site’s bounce rate represents the number of visitors who land on the site and do not view more than the page they land on.

When evaluating your site’s homepage, take a look at the content that’s immediately visible. The area of the page that’s not visible without scrolling down is considered “below the fold” and often, isn’t even viewed. Therefore, information should always be organized in order of importance with key content located at the top and the fold mark kept in mind. Prioritize the homepage with simple, distinct calls to action, such as eye-catching visual links to the online showroom and inventory pages, the finance application and e-commerce. Include a sign-up for the dealership newsletter as well as links to dealership-established social pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Marketing efforts promoting vehicle and e-commerce sales or upcoming events also should be positioned above the fold. It’s also important to include a balance of images with keyword rich text to benefit search engine ranking.

After key content has been identified and organized, the homepage can then be further simplified by relocating detailed content to interior pages linked by simple text and images from the homepage and by trimming off duplicate content. This process will eliminate the distraction of homepage overload.

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  1. Most visitors to dealer websites are looking for one of three things:

    1) View New or Used Inventory
    2) Schedule a Service Appointment
    3) Availability of Parts

    Above the fold content and website optimization should focus on these and only these three areas.

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