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Where to find the easiest customers?

Fran O'HaganAt your dealership the workday begins with thousands of customers who already know your dealership, already know your products and are without question the most likely source for new sales at your dealership. Yet, these customers will tell you that it’s very unusual for them to ever hear from one of your salespeople.

Find a motorcycle enthusiast who has been buying multiple motorcycles for 10 years or more, and ask them when was the last time a motorcycle salesperson called them unexpectedly to mention the arrival of a new model, an upcoming dealership event or a service special. The answer in most cases will be a long time ago, if ever.

But we also know that these multiple-motorcycle-buying motorcycle enthusiasts have already proven they can afford to buy motorcycles, and they’re already sold on motorcycling and sold on your dealership. What could be easier?

Maybe your dealership already has a process in place to make sure that salespeople regularly follow-up with your dealership’s long-time, multiple-motorcycle customers, but if not, make it your new year’s resolution to take better care of these “easy” customers.

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