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Sea-Doo racers win 11 IJSBA World Championships

  • RXP-X model wins premier Pro GP world title for eighth straight year
  • Mohammed Burbayea wins second consecutive Pro World Championship on RXP-X
  • Sea-Doo SPARK racing proves to be fastest growing racing classes.

The Sea-Doo RXP-X continues to make history with Kuwait’s Mohammed Burbayea claiming the 2018 Pro GP IJSBA world championship. Burbayea showed incredible closed course prowess riding the Sea-Doo RXP-X to the model’s eighth consecutive IJSBA Pro GP championship. Sea-Doo RXP-X riders also collected championships in Pro Superstock and Pro Limited. Waleed Alsharshani of Qatar claimed his first Pro Superstock win joining Denmark’s Marcus Jorgensen who won Pro Limited and Pro Slalom as X-TEAM world champions.

The Sea-Doo X-TEAM contingent from Thailand led the way in the fast growing Sea-Doo SPARK classes at the 37th IJSBA World Finals. Supak Settura earned the Pro/Am 1100 Open world title as teammate Permpon Teerapatpanich claimed the Pro/Am 1100 Stock world championship.  Thai riders also included Teerapat Meechai collecting two world championships, in amateur stock and super stock, with Tossawanon Phuearphong joining him with a win in 1100 Limited. Yuki Francois claimed her first championship leading the hotly contested Pro Womens 1100 class aboard her Sea-Doo SPARK.

The Sea-Doo X-TEAM world championship legacy continues to grow with Sea-Doo leading all manufacturers with 11 World Titles and 47 podium finishes. The Sea-Doo RXP-X racers added more world championships to the trophy case and the Sea-Doo SPARK is bringing the next generation of watercraft racers to the sport.

RACING CLASS                                                                               WORLD CHAMPION             

Pro Runabout GP                                                                          Mohammed Burbayea – Kuwait

Pro Runabout Super Stock                                                         Waleed Alsharshani – Qatar

Pro Runabout Limited                                                                Marcus Jorgensen – Denmark

Pro Runabout Slalom                                                                  Marcus Jorgensen – Denmark

Pro/Am Runabout 1100 Stock                                                   Permpon Teerapatpanich – Thailand

Pro/Am Runabout 1100 Open                                                   Supak Settura – Thailand

Womens Runabout 1100 Stock                                                  Yuki Francois – Brussels

Amateur Runabout 1100 Super Stock                                      Teerapat Meechai – Thailand


Amateur Runabout 1100 Limited                                             Tossawanon Phuearphong – Thailand

Amateur Runabout 1100 Stock                                                 Teerapat Meechai – Thailand

Novice Runabout Naturally Aspirated Stock                         Eduardo Lopez – Paraguay



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