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Wells Fargo CDF to sponsor USMCA

Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF), part of Wells Fargo & Company, announced that it has been named the premier corporate partner of the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA), a nonprofit group dedicated to growing the sport of motorcycling by offering education and enrichment materials for new and returning riders and coaches.

Wells Fargo CDF’s partnership includes a financial pledge as well as a commitment to assist the USMCA. Supported activities will include:

  • Funding the development of a training platform with the goal of certifying 500 USMCA coaches over the next three years
  • Developing in-field training and certification to assist in USMCA’s goal of engaging 35,000 new and returning riders per year
  • Establishing dealer and consumer relations programs to develop deeper relationships across the sport
  • Attracting additional corporate partners

“We as an industry have a collective responsibility and passion for ensuring the sustainability and growth of this great sport,” said Jeremy Jansen, president of Wells Fargo CDF’s motorsports group. “The USMCA will play a critical role in developing the new generation of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts, and we’re proud to support them and the industry as a whole with the full range of our resources and knowledge.”

Facing weakening involvement in the sport across North America, the USMCA was founded to oversee and foster the creation of a robust, nationwide network of motorcycle-riding coaches in the sport’s major disciplines, including on-road and off-road riding. USMCA’s structured, systematic approach to coaching seeks to develop a well-trained, certified core group of coaches, who will subsequently be prepared to engage with up-and-comers in the sport of motorcycling.

For guidance in establishing their coaching education program, the USMCA turned to none other than the experts who run U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Association and USA Cycling’s coaching programs. Formed in the mold of these highly-successful programs, USMCA’s structure emphasizes the establishment of a network of skilled, certified coaches who can provide a safe an organized environment in which young riders can grow, learn, and thrive.

“Wells Fargo CDF’s deep roots within motorsports and legacy of supporting dealers, OEMs, and the customers they serve makes them an ideal partner,” said Jon Erik Burleson, USMCA chairman. “We couldn’t be happier to have CDF along for the ride as we seek to transform the future of this great sport.”

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