Dowco promotes rebranding

News release

Dowco will continue to promote their totally re-imagined corporate identity and brand positioning at Dealer Expo Dec. 5-Dec. 7 in Chicago featuring new products for 2014, plus an exclusive sneak peek at fourteen fresh new 2015 products. (Booth 609)

Dowco’s expanded product development mandate has been focused on leveraging existing core competencies and increasing their present product line to fill a greater range of growing consumer needs. Focusing on direct consumer feedback, blogs, and social channels; honing in on what consumers are looking for today; staying in-tune with what dealers are demanding; and ultimately running with this feedback; is at the core of this re-envisioned corporate restructure.

With simultaneous efforts to invigorate their existing retail brand identities and energize their Distributors and Dealers, Dowco is putting the finishing touches on a new company identity including: logos, packaging, product photography, show displays, websites and collateral. All of these updates will be running changes staged to happen over the next year.

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