More Than Rewards upgrades HyperDrive CRM for Harley-Davidson dealers

More Than Rewards’ HyperDrive CRM will automatically be upgraded with enhanced features this month including Talon, Lightspeed, PSN, and Dealer Spike integration to support Harley-Davidson dealers. HyperDrive CRM will also now include long-requested sales tools like unlimited text reminders, image texting, email scheduling and integrated customer photos.

“We’ve rebuilt HyperDrive CRM and these new upgrades on the latest HTML 5 technology, so the screens load almost instantaneously,” said Brandon Siegesmund, More Than Rewards Vice President of Communication.

Because of its speed and simplicity, More Than Rewards claims users of HyperDrive CRM have cut their data entry times by 80% over other CRMs used by Harley-Davidson dealers.

Siegesmund also reports HyperDrive CRM was upgraded to automate common sales tasks, like texting reminders of scheduled meetings to customers, as well as scheduling and sending customer email communication.

“In fact, HyperDrive CRM allows a salesperson to send their leads not only standard text messages, but also pictures of bikes, or e-coupons,” Siegesmund explained, “and this is what sets us apart from other texting services.”

Siegesmund also mentioned that salespeople will be able to see customer photos in the CRM — instantly generated from the Internet and social networks — just by entering email addresses. He maintains this unique feature will help sales staff place more faces with names among their many leads.

A full demonstration video of HyperDrive CRM is now available on

Customers can sign up for $99 paid month-to-month with no contracts. More Than Rewards has expressed if a dealer is currently under a CRM contract with another provider, they can use HyperDrive CRM for free until the term ends.

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