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Kramer Motorcycles USA announces Jensen Beeler as CEO

Krämer Motorcycles USA, an importer of hand built, German-made, track-only road racing motorcycles into North America, has appointed Jensen Beeler as chief executive officer, effective immediately. 

Launching Krämer Motorcycles USA in 2015, Joe Karvonen has been the driving force behind the brand’s success in North America, and earned him the moniker “Krämer Joe” amongst loyal Krämer fans. Karvonen will continue to own and operate Krämer Motorcycles USA out of its headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota.

“This is less of a change in management, and more of an expansion of leadership in our team, as Jensen increasingly takes on the responsibility for the business direction and corporate strategy of Krämer Motorcycles USA, leaving myself and the current staff to execute that plan,” Karvonen says.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Beeler’s leadership has already been a benefit to Krämer Motorcycles USA, with unit sales and revenue essentially doubling since he joined the company two years ago. The dealer network has also expanded in the past two years, with Krämer motorcycles now available regionally in the Pacific Northwest, California Coast, Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, Northeast and Florida peninsula.

“After the pandemic, Krämer Motorcycles USA was in need of a reboot, so Joe and I sat down and came up with a strategic plan to turnaround the company,” Beeler says. “Two years later, we are seeing that hard work come to fruition, and now Krämer Motorcycles USA sits in the best position it has ever seen, with an awesome team to take us into the future.”

“For the past two years, Jensen has been a critical member of our team, and many of the changes that we have made behind the scenes have been successful because of his implementation and oversight,” Karvonen addds. “This year is already off to an impressive start, and we still have some more big announcements for 2024 and beyond still to come.”

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