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Dealer sets social media, customer satisfaction goals

By Kate Swanson

Show Low takes proactive approach toward survey completion  

With 2018 just beginning, Show Low Motorsports, of Show Low, Arizona, is geared up to grow its social media and customer satisfaction scores in the coming months. 

“We mostly do radio and newspaper advertising, but we’ve been trying to get a little bit more into social media,” said Shannon Reap, general manager of Show Low Motorsports, a 2017 Powersports Business Power 50 dealership. “In the way of the future, social media is where it’s at. This year our focus is going to be social media.”

The dealership plans to grow its Facebook likes and capitalize on Facebook marketing. Show Low Motorsports also has an Instagram page, which it hopes will gain more attention from customers. 

In addition to upping its social media presence, the dealership made several improvements to its daily operations beginning in 2016. Show Low Motorsports updated its dealer management system, which Reap said has helped streamline processes between departments.

Show Low has made new unit sales more of a focus in recent years.

“Overall, it’s definitely helped our efficiency. Reports are completed faster,” she said. “We have our service techs inputting orders directly into the system instead of turning it over to the service managers to put it in. It saves us time overall.” 

The ability for techs to input their own reports also helps cut down on any errors in deciphering handwriting or miscommunication between staff. Reap said that staff can now order parts directly through the DMS, which also helps their efficiency.

Show Low Motorsports carries multiple brands, including Textron Off Road, Can-Am, GEM, Polaris and Yamaha. Like many dealerships, Show Low saw sales decline at the end of 2017. But despite a tough Q4, Reap said the increased sales from the previous Q3 were enough to balance out the year overall. 

Regardless of if they are buying new or pre-owned, customers and their opinions are very important to the dealership’s continued success. With a good reputation overall, the shop gets a lot of word-of-mouth referrals from its customer base. 

“We’ve really been working hard on CSI surveys and making sure that we talk to customers about the surveys and address any concerns,” said Reap. “It definitely helps us with individual customers. We’re able to see their problem, rectify it, and once you solve their problem for them, you get that word-of-mouth advertising and that referral.”

Show Low Motorsports hosts three customer appreciation rides a year to help support new riders and promote relationship-building with its staff.

Reap said the salespeople follow up within a few days of each sale to make sure the customer doesn’t have any issues and to quickly solve any problems. This process helps to remind customers who have had a good experience to also fill out the customer satisfaction surveys. 

“Being in such a small town, we know our customers by name, we recognize them and personalize the experience like a friend. They don’t get lost in the numbers,” said Reap. “We value and cherish every customer. We treat them like family and try to make everything right for them because we want them to continue coming back to us.”

In a small town of 10,000, Reap said it’s important to show the dealership’s customers that they are appreciated. Show Low Motorsports hosts multiple customer appreciation rides throughout the year to achieve this goal. 

The rides take place on a day when the dealership is closed, so that all staff members are able to attend. Parts, service and sales staff are available to answer any questions and build relationships with the customers.

“Customers can talk to our employees, ask questions and talk to our technicians in a happy, fun, non-pressured environment. The residual from the customer appreciation rides are all year long in sales, parts and service — not to mention the word-of-mouth advertising that goes out,” she added.

The test track at Show Low allows customers to get some seat time on off-road machines before making the purchase. Photos courtesy of Show Low Motorsports

The dealership is looking forward to hosting its first customer appreciation event of the year this spring. “I’ve had so many people asking when we would host the next one. We’ve had people dropping by the dealership, calling in and emailing. They’ve really enjoyed our rides,” said Reap. “It’s especially great for first-time riders. If they just bought their machine, it gives them a way to get out, do something with other riders and learn the trails.”

Show Low Motorsports also likes to participate in community events throughout the year in addition to its dealership-based events. For the past few years, the dealership has participated in a memorial ride for the Lorraine Cline Memorial Fund, benefitting a non-profit organization that helps Gila County, Arizona residents in their fight against cancer. 

During the two-day memorial event, a Polaris vehicle is raffled each year. Participating dealerships submit bids to have their unit selected for the raffle and Show Low Motorsports has already made its bid for the 2018 event. 

“They’re going to raffle off a General this year. We’re usually very aggressive with our bid and we choose to participate because this is such a good charity,” she added. In 2016, the event saw 600 participants, which added to the dealership’s recognition outside of Show Low. 

Reap said Show Low Motorsports sets itself apart from some of its bigger city competitors with the experience the dealership offers its customers from the moment they walk in the door. 

“We are an individually-owned dealership. Our owner is on-site every day. Each one of our customers is important to us and we go out of our way to make them feel that,” she said. “We have built our business on reputation and treating people right. We have a beautiful facility and I think we are a powerhouse to do the business we do in this small town.” 


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