New Hampshire snowmobile registrations now automated

Beginning with the 2014-15 registration year, off-highway recreational vehicle (OHRV) and snowmobile registration certificates in New Hampshire will be computer-generated and printed by the agent on regular paper. Customers still must visit their OHRV registration agent in person to register their vehicles and receive their decals — online registration is not available. A $2 transaction fee will be charged per vehicle registration; this fee goes to the vendor for the automated system, Sovereign Sportsman Solutions, to cover development and operating costs. For example, a resident ATV registration, previously $55, will be $57. A resident club member snowmobile registration, previously $64, will be $66.

OHRV registration agents around the state have already been trained on the new system, says Fish and Game Licensing Supervisor Sue Perry. “I think our agents are going to be happy with electronic registrations,” said Perry. “Automation will streamline their end-of-month administrative reporting duties and save time on the transaction at the counter.”

For the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the new system replaces an outdated multi-part paper registration certificate and allows faster access to data.


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