435% sales growth for Specialty Mobile Apps parent company

Specialty Reports, Inc., a subsidiary of Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., announced a 435 percent sales increase for the fiscal year-ended April 30 compared to the year-ago fiscal period.

The sales figures include the following products offered by Specialty Reports, Inc.: Cyclechex, the specialty online motorcycle history report for consumers, powersports dealers, auction houses, insurance companies and bank/finance companies; RVChecks, the specialty online recreational vehicle history report for consumers, recreational vehicle and motor home dealers, auction houses, insurance companies and bank/finance companies; and Specialty Mobile Apps, the mobile app solution developed expressly for powersports, auto, RV and marine dealers.

Global sales for Cyclechex have expanded to 30 countries, with visitors from more than 150 countries, thereby demonstrating the demand for this product around the world.

For Specialty Mobile Apps, interested parties can visit the product website, learn all about the many valuable features, and schedule a product demonstration at their own convenience.

"We're pleased with the sales performance of Cyclechex, RVChecks, and Specialty Mobile Apps,” said Anthony Havens, CEO of Sparta Commercial, Inc. and Specialty Reports, Inc. “With the motorcycle and RV season now upon us and with our increasing expansion into the automobile market, we're confident that sales — both domestically and internationally — will continue to grow and prove the value and acceptance of these products in the marketplace. We're particularly gratified to see the increase in sales we have experienced since our products began to appear on key partner websites, including two dominant online sources for values of pre-owned motorcycles and RVs. As motorcycle and RV enthusiasts in ever growing numbers learn that these products are available, they will have the opportunity to make more confident and informed choices in the vehicle purchases they're considering. We like being the company providing that confidence and protection to consumers. We're also very enthusiastic about the growing acceptance of our Specialty Mobile App product and service."

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