Ski-Doo models ready for Yellowstone

BRP has 10 models of 2012 Ski-Doo snowmobiles certified for use in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, where some of the toughest emission standards are enforced. These BRP products stand alone as the only 2012 models to be certified with no modifications or kits, company officials said.

Snowmobiles must be certified as Best Available Technology (BAT) by the National Park Service to enter Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. BAT certification is one of the most stringent standards for air and noise emissions in the world, requiring hydrocarbon emissions of less than 15 g/kW-hr, carbon monoxide emissions of less than 120 g/kW-hr, and sound level limited to 73 decibels.

These 10 Ski-Doo snowmobiles are all equipped with four-stroke engines, either the quiet and efficient Rotax ACE 600 engine or the more powerful Rotax 4-TEC 1200 powertrain. The certified Ski-Doo snowmobiles require no modifications or throttle limiters to meet the BAT standards.

“BRP is committed to providing responsible recreational products that meet or exceed our customers’ needs while being as environmentally friendly as possible,” said Robert Lumley, vice-president, sales and marketing, Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo. “Unlike our competition, these 10 machines require no modifications. All customers using these models across North America are getting this same kind of fuel economy and efficiency, not just sleds limited to Yellowstone or Grand Teton national parks.”

BRP’s Rotax ACE 600 engine was designed for efficiency, with every aspect focused on maximizing output, minimizing fuel consumption, reducing maintenance and extending longevity. Fuel economy on some models is an industry-leading 8 L/100 km (29 mpg).

The Rotax 4-TEC 1200 engine is designed more for performance. This engine meets the demands of experienced riders across the world by delivering a lightweight and powerful four- stroke package that translates to easy handling and quick acceleration in the REV-X chassis.

BRP’s leadership in advanced technology powertrains, including the ACE 600 and 4-TEC 1200 engines, has contributed significantly in powering Ski-Doo snowmobiles to the No. 1 sales position in the industry.
Ski-Doo models certified for BAT are offered in one-rider and two-rider configurations, including: the Grand Touring SE, Grand Touring LE with the Rotax 4-TEC 1200 engine, and the Grand Touring Sport, MX Z Sport, MX Z TNT, Renegade, Tundra LT, Tundra Sport, Expedition Sport, and Skandic WT, all equipped with the Rotax ACE 600 engine.

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