Nov. 29, 2010 – Honda sales rise 14% in North America

While Honda’s overall unit sales in North America stabilized over its recent quarter, its ATV sales appeared to have increased over the year-ago period.
The company’s North American motorcycle division sales, which include both ATV and motorcycles, represented 43,000 units in its most recent quarter, which is roughly identical to a year ago.
Product mix, however, appeared to be slightly different this year, in that motorcycles represented a smaller percentage of those 43,000 units.
Honda’s overall North American sales, including its auto division, rose nearly
14 percent over the year-ago total. Honda said that increase was due mainly to increased auto sales and came despite an unfavorable currency exchange.
Honda’s worldwide sales also increased, rising 9.5 percent over the year-ago quarter. Again, currency exchange limited Honda’s revenue rise.
The company estimated that if calculated at the same exchange rate as the year-ago period, its revenue would have increased by nearly 14.5 percent.
Honda’s worldwide motorcycle division sales, in terms of units, rose 13 percent, with increased sales seen mainly in Asia and South America. Motorcycle sales in North America dropped 18 percent while Europe saw a 2.5 percent gain.
For its current fiscal first half, Honda’s North American motorcycle division unit sales remain above last year’s levels, at 103,000 units. That’s a 6 percent gain over the prior-year period. PSB

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