Sept. 6, 2010 – Exhaust manufacturer develops new lines

Flexibility has been the key to exhaust company Yoshimura’s recent success.

The California manufacturer prides itself on R&D and manufacturing techniques that enable the company to respond quickly to market demands.

Yoshimura’s business tactics led it to record sales in 2008 and fairly stable numbers throughout the recession.

After record sales for its entire line of products in 2008, Yoshimura saw a decline of product movement in the first quarter of 2009, says Don Sakakura, senior vice president.

In order to boost sales, the company created entire new product lines.

“Yoshimura R&D has recently developed a hard parts line of products, YRS (Yoshimura Race Shop),” said Sakakura. “Through our race support efforts, we have developed the YRS line of hard parts used by our Road Race, SX/MX and ATV race teams. These performance components were developed by our race teams.”

The company also expanded its applications of the PIM2 (fuel injection controller), and DATA Box (auto tuning module) for many new fuel-injected single and twin cylinder off-road/ATV/UTV vehicles.

“Our current environment has required our engineering teams to develop innovative products for today’s consumers,” commented Sakakura. “Yoshimura R&D has recently introduced several new off-road exhaust applications which utilize our most current technology labeled RS-4, our pentagonal shaped muffler.”

With the support of Red Bull Honda and Rockstar Makita Suzuki, Sakakura says Yoshimura’s team of engineers were able to develop its latest applications, and the company plans to continue to invest in R&D and manufacturing.

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