March 8, 2010: Straight forward, with a twist

Scott Packer is not a fan of sales gimmicks and detests some of the “back door” fees that he sees other dealerships employ.
“I’m not a gimmicky guy,” he said. “We don’t have a dog mascot or a sasquatch mascot.”
Instead the dealership prides itself on being as straightforward with the customer as possible, refraining from adding freight or set-up costs to the total new unit sale.
About the only surprise new bike buyers might get from Packard and his staff is a $10 bill before they leave the store. Packard usually puts some gas in a new unit for a consumer and, “I’ll pull out a $10 bill and say, ‘Go ahead and finish filling it up.’ That seems to be more meaningful than, “Oh, it’s filled with gas.’ People always seem surprised at that.”

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