Feb. 8, 2010: PWC Digest

Yamaha claims four of five best sellers
Yamaha has once again claimed the best-selling watercraft of the year, with the Yamaha VX Cruiser taking top honors, according to state registration data compiled for the period Oct. 1, 2008 through Sept. 30, 2009.
Yamaha claimed four out of the top five spots, placing the VX Deluxe in second,
FX Cruiser SHO in fourth, and 2008 VX Cruiser in fifth. Kawasaki’s 2008 STX-15F captured the third position.
Interesting to note is Yamaha is the only brand that actually placed 2009 product in the top 10 sellers nationwide. Rounding out the top 10 were five 2008 models, the Sea-Doo RXT-X, Yamaha VX Deluxe, Sea-Doo RXT 215, Kawasaki Ultra 250 and Sea-Doo GTI SE.
“By delivering the right product at the right time, we were the only manufacturer who had 2009 model year products in the top 10 sellers for the season,” said Bryan Seti, national marketing manager for Yamaha’s WaterCraft Group. “Our focus on delivering superb value enabled our 2009 products to compete with, and outsell by quite a wide margin, the heavily discounted older units from the competition because we offered more of what customers want for less cost.”

SBT Offering Lower Prices On Retro Engines
SBT announced it will expand its retro engine pricing program, now offering reduced prices on eight engine packages, including the popular Yamaha 701.
It was last year that SBT first began offering reduced prices on certain engine packages, aimed at encouraging customers to refurbish older skis. “We hope to encourage younger generations to get involved in the sport of jet skiing by making it more affordable to refurbish older skis,” said SBT President Cj Lammers. Added SBT’s Sales Manager Ericka Buczkowski, “Passion is what will keep this sport alive, and the younger generation is once again showing a lot of interest in the sport.”
For more information, visit ShopSBT.com or call 727/443-0373.

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